Our Services

  • Military and Mega Projects

    Complex ventures that typically cost over one billion dollars, involve multiple public and private stakeholders, and impact huge number of people are delicate and challenging.

  • Mechanical , Electrical & Plumbing (MEP)

    Designing proper mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems is important for correct and safe operations and maintenance of any facility. To make any space suitable for

  • Fit-Out & Interior Design

    Making a home out of a space is the most essential aspect of our work. From proposing the most appropriate materials in the interior, to

  • Landscaping

    The interdisciplinary application of engineering and other applied sciences to the design and creation of landscapes builds on the engineering elements of planning, investigation, design,

  • Facility Management

    Working in partnership with our clients is essential to ensure a building or facility’s operation and maintenance throughout its lifecycle. We understand how buildings are

  • Infrastructure & Public Services

    Fixed, sustainable and smartly designed infrastructure – power, water systems, communications and transport – is key to the economic growth and prosperity of a community.

  • Marine

    From coast guards to landside bases, we build and maintain cutting-edge effective marine solutions for our clients ensuring their operations are carried from the water

  • Structural & Architectural and Maintenance

    We have a deep understanding of the demands the building puts on our client’s business, be it a hospital, airport, hotel, school, arena, shopping mall

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