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Mechanical , Electrical & Plumbing (MEP)


Whether it is a hotel , a resort , a palace , a stadium , a park , a marine or any other other project , we can guarantee a state of the art design and execution of all needed MEP systems .


Fit-Out and Interior Design


We are known for proposing and using the most appropriate materials in the best possible way when it comes to Interior design and furniture. 




Our client can count on our vast experience in designing and executing mega landscape project blending together soft and hard landscaping concepts.


Facility Management


We can offer expert facility management for both individual clients and business in general, which covers offices, arenas, schools, shopping centers, hospitals, hotels and any other large facility.


Infrastructure and Public Services


Increasingly , we are trusted to take turnkey projects on an extremely large scale for governments and other organizations in the regions where we operate .




Our track record when it comes to bringing even the most challenging marine construction projects to life is second to none.


Structural & Architectural


Over the years , we have developed a tried-and-tested approach which remains sensitive to an architer's vision while realizing this in the most practical , cost-efficient manner .